Our Story

The Geeky Dog is a home-based business born from the idea of creating a product that is a little different than the rest. My products are extension of who I am, and what I love - inspired by all things fun, geeky and stylish. I am always seeking new designs and patterns, and I work hard to create a unique look that can’t be found elsewhere, while at the same time providing a quality product you’d be happy about.

About Us

This is a business about me, doing what I love and helping what I love in the process. What I love the most is animals. I adopted my now eight-year old dachshund, Zeek, in 2011 and I wanted to give him a fresh start.

“I believe that animals can help us heal. I wanted to give him (Zeek) a fresh start and help him heal. That starts with a new collar, and a new name.” - Jessica, Owner

I make every single product by hand with one sewing machine. Every single product offered is unique and one-of-a-kind. I stride for perfection knowing that I can never obtain it, and I try my best to offer a quality product. When I say “We”, I say We As A Community. This business has truly come down to the community, having my back, and you (we) are family.

When you purchase a product from me, you are not just helping a local small business owner, you are also saving a life. I have started a few programs to aid animals in the local shelters. These help these pets get adopted and into their forever homes. Collars for a Cause, is one of these new programs. When you purchase a qualifying discontinued item, the collar gets donated to a pup at a local shelter I support. (Butte Humane Society, Wags and Whiskers, etc.) This helps the pup get adopted.

The basic Idea is: “New Collar. New Life. New Start.” Thank you for taking the time to read my story - Our Story.

Until next time, Fetch Happiness.

~ Jessica & Zeek
Owner & Creator
Inspiration & Muse