Collars For A Cause

Collars For A Cause is a fun way for YOU to help out the local community without ever leaving your home. Whenever there is a C4C event, it usually coincides with a BOGO (Buy 1, Get 1 Free) or an event specifically labeled with a logo in the corner of each picture to show that item is benefited automatically by this cause.

How does it work?

Simply purchase a collar during a BOGO sale or when the red C4C logo is visible on our product pictures (usually found in the upper right), and we will donate a collar of same size (designs may vary) to our local shelter, so our furry friends have fresh new collars to go home to their new families in. It also helps them find new homes. It's much like getting a haircut for the first time in a long time - you feel revitalized and refreshed! The pups who receive a C4C collar from us will too!